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With this being the week that we are all creating our blogs, there were a few readings assigned to help get us thinking about what the benefits of blogging are, and more specifically how can blogging be beneficial in the academic world.

With more and more information being shared and posted on social media, it was only a matter of time before scholars began to do the same. The advent of Twitter has been exceptionally interesting to see unfold as there are so many communities to be a part of on there, including a community of scholars. Academics are able to publish their talks, portions of their books, and are able to engage with the public in a new and exciting way.

However, the academic community was and is still able to be connected sans the internet. The second reading by Gardner Campbell discussed the ways in which libraries and the books inside of them create a type of networked learning separate from that of the internet.

All this to say, it is extremely exciting that there are so many platforms and avenues that scholars can take to share information related to the subject area they are passionate about. Whether this comes from a printed book, a blog post, or even a Tweet, the public is able to engage in that material in an accessible way.

Blogging for homework was something I had previously been skeptical of, but after having to do it for so many of my classes and learning more about why it takes place, I see the value in assigning it. It allows for us, as students, to engage in the material, generate thought, and share with one another in a more personal way.

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  1. Hi Emma, glad to hear that you have some experience with blogging and that it has been a valuable tool for you. I agree about being unsure about blogging at first. I was introduced to the concept of scholarly blogging in January 2017, my second semester at VT. Prior to that, it has been an outlet for me as a teenager and young adult–but it was more of a hobby, and I wasn’t really citing other works in what I was creating. So scholarly blogging was interesting to me because it’s a nice way to quickly get ideas out and initial feedback in. I have come to really enjoy blogging like this–when I make it a practice to actually create posts. It’s nice–and in some cases, truly transformative–to see the collection of conversations that emerge from a whole course full of people reflecting on similar topics/themes within the course. Anyway, I’m glad that you’re on board. Looking forward to learning with you this semester.