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Teaching in the 21st Century

This week we discussed in our breakout rooms what contemporary pedagogy meant to us after taking this course, how our perceptions of teaching have changed, and tactics we’ve learned that we hope to integrate into our classrooms (current and future). Meeting with people from different disciplines was helpful in that it allowed for me to […]

Critical Pedagogy

In reading about critical pedagogy this week, it was interesting to see many things related to teaching that I had heard anecdotally take place in a scholarly format. Freire seems to be somewhat of a trailblazer on this topic! One of the things that he said that stuck out to me most was that we […]

Digital Pedagogy – Group Blog

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If not all educators are called to be pedagogues, then how do we hold (or expect to hold) educator’s accountable for sound pedagogical practices in a global environment where everyone is barely treading water? On the flip side of this coin (as if it’s really a coin), is the question of where the collaboration exists […]

Problem-Based Learning and Case-Based Teaching

This week’s readings on Problem-Based Learning (PBL) was really interesting to me as someone who is intrigued by pedagogical practices, however this is a concept that I think I would struggle with as a student and potentially as an instructor. One of the parts of PBL that I know I would struggle with stemmed from […]

Inclusive Pedagogy

This week’s topics centered around the idea of Inclusive Pedagogy, a term I was previously unfamiliar with. However, after reading more I really like that it’s a all hands on deck, community effort. Both the students and instructor have to work together to ensure that inclusive pedagogy is possible and actively implemented. While I really […]

Finding My Teaching Voice

Prior to college, I had zero experience teaching and conveying information to others. This changed my freshman year of undergrad where I started working as a tour guide for my university, and later became an orientation leader. Through these positions, I learned how to convey information about the university, it’s policies, campus life, etc. and […]

To Blog or Not To Blog…

With this being the week that we are all creating our blogs, there were a few readings assigned to help get us thinking about what the benefits of blogging are, and more specifically how can blogging be beneficial in the academic world. With more and more information being shared and posted on social media, it […]


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Hi everyone! I am Emma Baumgardner, a second year masters student in the School of Communication here at VT. I am extremely excited to be a part of this class learning about pedagogy, especially as we navigate these unprecedented times.